Real Reason I Buried My Son, Mohbad Quickly – Father Reveals

  • Why I buried my son, Mohbad quickly – father reveals

  • Explains that the young age of the deceased necessitated a rapid burial according to local traditions.

Real Reason I Buried My Son, Mohbad Quickly - Father Reveals
Real Reason I Buried My Son, Mohbad Quickly – Father Reveals

Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of late singer, Mohbad has revealed he buried his son quickly due to Yoruba customs and traditions.

In a video posted to Instagram by @temilolasobola, Aloba explained that because the dead was still quite young when he passed away, local norms forbade keeping the body for an extended period of time.

Mr. Aloba added that if Mohbad had lived longer, they could have thought about keeping his remains in a morgue for a longer period of time.

“In Yoruba land, his corpse is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive. Assuming he died at an older age, we might have considered putting his body in the mortuary and taking it at a later date. That same night we took him away from there and buried him where we did.”

Addressing the choice of burial site, Mr. Aloba clarified that the location was selected because it was the only piece of land he knew to be owned by the late artist.

He disclosed that Mohbad had given him the land with the intention of building a church on it.

Therefore, considering the absence of any alternative land ownership, they opted to lay Mohbad to rest there.

“That land where Mohbad was buried is his only land, that’s the only land I know him to have owned. Truly he gave me the land to build my church because we had both agreed to build the church there, and since that’s the only land I knew him to have…,” Mohbad’s father added.

The KPK rising star in the Nigerian music industry, passed away on 12th September 2023, leaving fans and the public shocked and in mourning.

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