Ozzie Proclaims Love With ‘Heart Beat’ Music Video | Listen & Watch

Rising singer, Ozzie unlocks love-themed visual, ‘Heart beat’.

Ozzie Heart Beat
Ozzie Heart Beat

Having feelings is one thing, then professing those feelings is another which takes confidence, and readiness of the heart.

Ozzie, a shining singer who hails from Tanzania has just hacked the perfect wordings to ease women’s love life. Her splendid delivery, Heart beat resonates a calm, seductive, but precise love single;  a perfect blend of pop sound and sonorous vocal dexterity.

With airy keys, subtle marimba elements and a laid-back beat, this track is all about the bright and magical feeling of being in love: “This song can be used for women to propose to men. According to African traditions it is not easy for women to propose to men so this song can be helpful for women to explain their feelings to someone”.

The video follows Ozzie and her handsome love interest as they partake in various activities, including birthday celebrations and stunning outdoor settings. ‘Heartbeat’ by a powerful new musician on the rise is brilliantly catchy and full of good energy; don’t miss it!

A sneak peek into her career reveals she began singing alongside her mother at the neighborhood music store to draw clients, and she now has bravely carving out her own niche in the business. As she advances, she will no doubt draw the attention of many fans and professionals in the industry with her audacious appearance and voice. Ozzie’s career has only just began with the release of two singles and related videos.

Watch Heart beat video below:



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