Amazing reactions as “Olamide plans a July release for his next album, “Unruly”.

  • Olamide Set To Release New Album ‘Unruly’ In July.
Heavily! "Olamide plans a July release for his next album, "Unruly".
Heavily! “Olamide plans a July release for his next album, “Unruly”.

Olamide Adedeji, a well-known Nigerian rapper, will release a new album in July with the working title “Unruly.”

Baddo has released a new song called “New Religion” starring his signee Asake to promote the release of his upcoming album, “Unruly.”

14 tunes are supposed to be on ‘Unruly,’ which is scheduled to release on July 12. Lead singles from the album include “Trumpet” (co-written by CKay and Asake) and “New Religion,” which was just published.

‘Unruly’ artwork.

On Thursday night, the head of YBNL announced the new project on Twitter.

Meanwhile, A touching interaction with well-known musician Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide Baddo, during an event, was recently shared on social media by a Nigerian woman who goes by the handle @jummychuu.

She claims that Baddo stood up to an unkind and mean-spirited female supervisor to show his support for the ushers at the event.

@jummychuu, who formerly worked for an ushering company, reported that their boss routinely treated her and her coworkers disrespectfully.

Several artists, including Baddo, were in attendance at the event where the incident happened.

How Baddo fought to earn our respect during a gathering. Credit for image: @jummychuu Twitter, as a source

The girl described how Baddo stood up for the ushers after seeing them being treated unfairly by the female boss and so he bravely went up to the event director and threatened to leave the event entirely unless the supervisor was fired.

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