“For my collaboration with Shatta Wale, I never got paid a cent”, Michy Shatta admits.

  • Michy Shatta acknowledges, “I never received a penny in compensation for my work with Shatta Wale.”

Shatta Michy, a Ghanaian singer and social media influencer also known as the ex-girlfriend of dancehall musician Shatta Wale, has spoken out about not getting paid for her tracks, including the well-known single “Low Tempo.”

Michy, who also serves as the anchor of Movement TV, admitted that she was unaware of the money generated by her music career and claimed that despite working with Shatta Wale, she had not been paid a single cedi in royalties.

“I have not received a single cedi from any song I’ve made. So far as it is connected with that page [Shatta Wale’s Youtube] I’ve not earned anything,” she disclosed

One of the panelists mentioned during the conversation that her song Low Tempo has over 5 million views and since her ex-partner and son’s father’s account is monetized, it will also mean some money for her.

Despite the success of her songs, Michy admitted in her response that she hasn’t yet made any money from her musical pursuits.

She was curious to figure out how to get what was legally hers since it was her intellectual property, according to Michy.

“Do you know of a way I can take it? It’s 5 million views now? Wow,” a shell-shocked Michy exclaimed.

Despite her initial shock and absolute wonder, Michy also admitted that she is cautious around some people, seemingly to avoid getting into unneeded arguments or jeopardizing her relationship with the Dancehall artist.

“When it comes to some people I don’t want to pick up fights with them. I need to drink water before we sign off. Don’t put me in trouble,” she cautioned.

The current state of ties between Shatta Michy, his ex-fiance, and Shatta Wale has negatively impacted both their interactions with one other as well as his ability to support his son’s scholastic expenses and pay his tuition.

He has in previous years claimed that Michy has kept him from seeing his kid, a claim that she has angrily refuted on numerous occasions.

“It’s just sad that she doesn’t want to take that pain out. What sin have I caused that she doesn’t even allow me to see my son? Shatta Michy is a very nice person. I wouldn’t want to come out and say bad things about her. I love her because we’ve been through a lot. She was there when I didn’t have anything until I got something,” he said.

I may say that he discovered that aspect of me in a more career-related way, she added. But I have always been singing at church and in high school. I’m there for the Saturday entertainment.

“Yes, I have some songs written for me by Shatta Wale, and I will release them and give him the credit for writing,” she added.

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