Ruger – The ‘Egocentric’ Music Sniper With No Bad Songs

If the new school music debate is up, Ruger, sure has a table in the front row, with no worries about leaving anytime soon.

Ruger - The'Egocentric' Music Sniper With No Bad Songs
Ruger – The ‘Egocentric’ Music Sniper With No Bad Songs

Roughly any artiste in Nigeria and many parts of the music-celebrated countries sustain fame and relevance without features or collaborations; more importantly from already-made artistes, but the reverse is the case of Ruger who has proven beyond doubt to not need this to keep his game tight.

Kicked off in Jonzing World in 2021 with One Shirt – a dancehall signature, which of course, made its way into the streets waves, Ruger then embroiled his stand with a self-titled song, ‘Ruger‘ the follow-up single to his debut, yet another banger, which paved more listeners to the singer and unveiled him to the world.

Just like his label brother, Rema, Ruger has a niche for defining his own uniqueness in terms of his brand, music, personae and associations. He identifies a specific target and launches his rifle with the utmost focus like a sniper ready to eliminate his prey. This was clear from his debut EP, ‘Pandemic’. He revealed his distinct sound, which is rooted in the ragga street pop movement – a buzz without fade in a country full of folks whose tastes in music sound are “hyper-gyrated”.

He maintained this style in the second project, The Second Wave EP which revealed even a more distinct side of the singer, showing a sexier appeal to his audience, while retaining his solo mandate style of delivery.

Personally, I will classify Ruger as a boiled-up artiste with a positive ego, who sees himself as the pioneer of a new sub-genre, which is clearly shown in his mode of presentation and more importantly, selective application of collaboration – yet all his songs are known hits!

Even in terms of production, Ruger has been consistent with Kukbeats, whose sounds keep evolving and spice up whatever vocal rendition and rhythms Ruger has to offer.

If one thing I am certain of, it is the fact that Ruger will have one of the sought-after music careers in Nigeria and West Africa at large with few to no competitions in terms of styles, relevance to certain genres and impact to the culture!


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