The Wildest Lyrics from Nigerian songs that left us shocked presents the Wildest lyrics from Nigerian artists that left us shocked.

The Wildest lyrics from Nigerian songs that left us shocked
The Wildest Lyrics from Nigerian songs that left us shocked

What are the wildest lyrics from Nigerian songs that had your mouth wide open from shock?

Nigerian songs are a combination of many things and while many say that melody is the most important factor in making them a hit, lyrics also play a major role.

Thanks to Nigerian songs, the culture has been blessed with a lot of slang, motivational quotes and many others.

However, there are some that have us shaking our heads and doing the cross sign.

Here are the wildest lyrics we have heard from a Nigerian song.

“lyrically I dope die, eyan Whitney Houston”- Lil Kesh (Lyrical)

The Wildest Lyrics from Nigerian songs that left us shocked

This song is a combination of ‘wow’ and ‘shocking’ moments. Lil Kesh who released this song in 2014 during his early years in the Industry dropped “Lyrically” as evidence of his ambition to prove he was a worthy rapper to earn a spotlight in the Nigerian music Industry.

While ‘Lyrically’ is great in general, the lyrics however make one go from wow to ‘oh my God’. There were so many shocking lyrics from the track to pick from but this one had cleaning our ears to check if we heard right.

Ball like okwaraji, Me sey I dey ball die- Blaqbonez(Okwaraji)

Blaqbonez ft. Bella Shmurda - Okwaraji (Remix)
Blaqbonez ft. Bella Shmurda – Okwaraji (Remix)

This song is actually named after a Nigerian Footballer, Samuel Okwaraji who collapsed and died of congestive heart failure in the 77th minute of a World Cup qualification match against Angola at the Lagos National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos State on 12 August 1989.

So you can see why this particular lyric left us in shock.

Baby Aaliyah cause you fly die- Olamide (Pepper Dem Gang)

The Wildest Lyrics from Nigerian songs that left us shocked
Pepper Gang

Pepper Dem Gang” is a street hop song released in 2016 by Olamide featuring former label signee, Davolee. The song was a hit that not only dominated playlists but its title became a street slang that vene inspired street wears and funny pictures to follow.

However, some of the lyrics in the song have us asking questions. In verse two, Olamide sings, ‘Baby Aaliyah cause you fly die.‘ If you don’t know who Aaliyah is, you might not understand why this particular lyric is wild.

Aaliyah was an American singer and actress who died at the age of 22 in an aeroplane accident in the Bahamas, when the overloaded aircraft she was travelling in crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all nine on board.

So Olamide is making a reference to the death of Aaliyah by a plane crash and using it as a form of compliment for his love interest is just so, ‘wow’.

Am still fucking nice worth d flow, Tony Payne on her period- Phenom (The Game)

In 2013, Olamide linked up with criminally underrated rapper, Phenom for a hardcore rap titled “The Game“. While the rap song is a beautiful rendition by two talented rappers, Phenom makes a very wild statement in his verse that could be interpreted as a shade.

In his verse, Phenom raps, “Am still fucking nice worth d flow, Tony Payne on her period”. You might be wondering what’s the big deal with the lyric.

If you recall, in 2011, the Nigerian suci Industry was awash with news of marital troubles between Nigerian artist, 9ice and his ex-wife, Toni Payne. Apparently, 9ice claims Toni Payne cheated on him with several other celebrities including Ruggedman.

You are not Ayefele, so what’s your excuse?- Zlatan (Killin Dem)

Burna boy ft. Zlatan Killin Dem Mp3 Download
Killin Dem

In 2019, Burna Boy and Zlatan had us dancing to zanku with their hit collab, “Killin Dem“. The song will go on to make the tracklist of Burna Boy’s first Grammy Nominated album, “African Giant“.

Probably it was the thrill of the song that made everyone ignore Zlatan’s first lyric in his verse. I mean why would he start a verse with ‘You are not Ayefele, so what’s your excuse’?

Yinka Ayefele is by every right a successful musician and businessman in his own right and the lyric is just so disrespectful of him.

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