9ice gives advice to young artists on popularity & Money

  • Why you should not become popular – 9ice warns young artists, references Simi

  • 9ice offers guidance to aspiring artists regarding popularity & Money.

9ice gives advice to young artists on popularity & Money
9ice gives advice to young artists on popularity & Money

Alexander Abolore Adegbola Akande, popularly known as 9ice, has dropped advice for young artists choosing between fame and money.

It is no secret that the well-known singer shot to fame many years ago, notably after releasing the number-one singles Street Credibility, Kinda Life, Respect is Reciprocal, and Gongo Aso. Currently, 9ice is a well-known brand and name.

On a recent episode of the podcast Spill With Sims, the singer was questioned about what advise he would provide to up-and-coming musicians who could be trying to break into the industry or get notoriety.

Despite being popular, 9ice had a different opinion. In his words:

“I will take from what you said: popular. Don’t become popular o, make money. When I started, I was popular but I didn’t have money. Then, I would be on a bike and people would be hailing you “9ice! 9ice!”. The money didn’t just come in. I had to do the right thing for the money to come in. Because as at then we were doing music and we were depending so much on Alaba International Market. I think what we had back then was Myspace, but it wasn’t as important as Facebook. Then we didn’t have Facebook, Instagram and the rest. If you want your song to be popular in Kaduna, you have to go to Kaduna to do a radio interview. You have to be there for people to see you. So, when the money started coming was when we put in the hustle and we marketed the brand by doing print interviews like all these newspapers, all these magazines; putting your face out there. I mean, there are sometimes people have a good song and they [the listeners] don’t even know what you look like, how do you want to make money? So won’t they pay me your money? Let’s say I’m Simi and you’re the one proclaiming yourself as Simi, they will give you the money na because they don’t know my face.

So I think it is not just about getting popular. But putting your brand out there. Market it, promote it. Let your face be known and the money aspect will come later. Do what is unique. Do what is quality.”

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