Tottenham give statement in response to Fabio Paratici’s worldwide ban

  • Tottenham issue statement in response to Fabio Paratici’s worldwide ban.

Tottenham give statement in response to Fabio Paratici's worldwide ban
Tottenham give statement in response to Fabio Paratici’s worldwide ban

Tottenham have said that they are ‘urgently seeking more clarity’ from FIFA over the facts of Fabio Paratici’s ban from the sport, which was extended globally on Wednesday.

For his role in the financial misdeeds at Juventus, which resulted in the club losing 15 points and several other officials receiving punishment, the FIGC of Italy handed down a 30-month suspension to Paratici.

Originally primarily affecting Italian football, FIFA used its influence to expand the sanctions, seriously jeopardizing Paratici’s ability to carry out his duties in north London.

Spurs have since released a statement in which they clarify that neither they nor their managing director of football were informed of the decision before it became widely known.

In doing so, the club also cited a video message from Paratici that was released on Tuesday, the substance of which was rendered rather strange by what transpired the following day.


“Following media reports today regarding the FIFA Disciplinary Committee decision to extend worldwide the sanction imposed by the FIGC Federal Court of Appeals on Fabio Paratici on 20 January 2023, the Club made urgent enquiries to FIFA,” the statement read.

“FIFA has late this afternoon responded to us in writing notifying us today, Wednesday 29 March 2023, that a decision has been made by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to extend the FIGC sanction worldwide.

“This committee deliberation has been taken with no advance notice to any of the parties involved. We are urgently seeking further clarification from FIFA as to the details of the extension and its variance from the FIGC sanction.

“We should like to make clear that when Fabio conducted the interview on Club channels yesterday neither he nor the Club had any indication of this decision being made by FIFA, based on the fact the FIGC sanction was taken on 20 January 2023 and remains subject to an Appeal on 19 April 2023.

“We shall update on this matter in due course.”


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