Mzbel debunks the rumour that her friendship with Nana Tornado has gone sour

  • Nana Tonardo still remains my friend, ignore the rumours – Mzbel

Mzbel debunks rumour that her friendship with socialite Nana Tornado has gone sour
Mzbel debunks the rumour that her friendship with socialite Nana Tornado has gone sour


The bond between Mzbel and Nana Tornado, the two friends, is said to have soured. It was claimed that Nana Tornado had fired shots at one of his stations to Mzbel, while the actual cause was unknown.

Mzbel refuted the assumption and allegations that her connection with Nana Tornado had soured during a Facebook live video.


These claims garnered attention after Mzbel claimed in an interview two months ago that she lacked true friends.

“Every love I have ever experienced in my life with people, I have paid for it. Physical cash. No one has become friends, taken me as a mother or sister with me, and hasn’t taken money from me for being my friend,” these were Mzbel’s in a viral interview back in January 2023.

Meanwhile, In response to the rumours that were founded in her interview……

“The interview I granted and stated that I pay for friends to be part of my life was never about Tonardo. I beg you, it has nothing to do with Tonardo. To all those who picked my statement and specified Tonardo as my target, it was never true. Do not take me out of context and treat it as facts.“

“I am so proud of Nana Tonardo for not reacting or coming out to attack me…when two people come together as friends, enemies sit to plan their breakup. They pray for your downfall…I will urge friends not to flaunt their beautiful relationship on social media because of negative eyes…these people are quick to create confusion among friends…Tonardo remains my friend,” she disclosed on Tuesday.

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