FIFA ban Tottenham director Fabio Paratici from football

  • Tottenham director Fabio Paratici banned from football worldwide by FIFA.

FIFA ban Tottenham director Fabio Paratici from football
FIFA ban Tottenham director Fabio Paratici from football

Fabio Paratici, the general director of football at Tottenham, has been banned from football worldwide after FIFA extended the penalty issued in Italy for his role in Juventus’ reprimanded accounting procedures.

The Italian powerhouses unexpectedly lost 15 points in January when the club was found to have, among other financial offences, exaggerated player transfer valuations in swap transactions.

Between November 2018 till the summer of 2021, Paratici served as Juventus‘ sports director. He then accepted a similar position at Tottenham. Paratici joined the Juventus hierarchy in 2010. Transactions between 2019 and 2021, when Paratici was at the centre of the club’s activities, were examined as part of the inquiry into Juve’s financial records.

Paratici was one of several former Juventus board members who received a football suspension at the beginning of the year when the Italian Football Federation’s investigation was complete.


The initial sentence for Paratici was a 30-month suspension from all Italian football, but there was always a chance that it might be extended globally.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, FIFA confirmed that they had exercised that option, extending the worldwide ban imposed on Paratici and the other Juventus board members, including former owner Andrea Agnelli.

The statement read: “FIFA can confirm that following a request by the Italian FA (FIGC), the chairperson of FIFA disciplinary committee has decided to extend the sanctions imposed by FIGC on several football officials to have worldwide effect.”

The preliminary committal hearing for Paratici, who was scheduled to appear in court this week to address some of the allegations brought against Him, has been postponed until May 10.

Juve appealed their 15-point penalty – which the prosecution only recommended as a nine-point punishment – and will hear the ruling of which on 19 April.

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