Police explain why they tried to arrest Portable at his restaurant

  • Why we invaded Portable’s restaurant – Police speaks on attempt to arrest Singer

  • Police give the reasons for their attempt to detain Portable at his restaurant.

Police explain why they tried to arrest Portable at his restaurant
Police explain why they tried to arrest Portable at his restaurant

The Ogun State Police Command has explained how it came to have a warrant out for the controversial artist, Portable.

The Zazuu Crooner was involved in an altercation with some police officers who invaded his restaurant in Ogun State in the early hours of Tuesday, March 28.

The musician resisted the security guards’ attempts to arrest him and demanded to know why they were there.

He refused to back down in his business, claiming that they had been invited by a Yahoo boy to take him and several of his employees away.

“Police is our friend but these ones here are not our friends. Yahoo boy said they should come and arrest me,” he said.

“If you want to invite me to your station, you will invite me with money. Are the police and Yahoo boys now working together? I spend legitimate money and I don’t do Yahoo.

“Am I a Yahoo boy? Why did you come to my office to arrest people? What did I do? You came to my bar and everyone is running.”

The 29-year-old also referred to himself as “a federal government liability”.


The state police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, told BBC that Portable was asked to report himself to the police five times but disregarded the summons.

According to the police spokesperson, he was approached for questioning after a complaint was made against him.

“We have also sent an invitation to him through his father like two times, yet he did not show his face,” he said.

Oyeyemi said following his refusal to honour the invitation, the police approached a court to get an arrest warrant for Portable.

“When the officers got to the place to carry out the arrest, Portable, on sighting them, stripped himself naked so as to create a scene,” the police spokesperson added.

“We are going to use minimum force to arrest him. Portable is not bigger than the law.”

The singer broke into the spotlight in December 2021 when he released a street hop song titled ‘Zazoo Zeh’.

He has since then been in the public eye for several controversial reasons.

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