Nigerian songs in which the name, ‘Folake’ was used explores Nigerian songs that included the name Folake.

Nigerian songs in which the name,'Folake' was used
Nigerian songs in which the name, ‘Folake’ was used

Folake is one of the top 5 names that exist in the vocabulary of Nigerian artists when they are in need of a female name for their songs.

The name is a Yoruba name which means “One who is taken care with wealth” in English which isn’t surprising that artists love to make us of it whenever they want to talk about a lover.

In this article, takes a look at Nigerian songs that made use of the name.


Wizkid- Pakurumo

Wizkid – Pakurumo
Wizkid – Pakurumo

One of the first Nigerian songs to popularize the use of the name. It wasn’t the only name called on he song but it still made enough impact to get artists using it on their songs.


Oya Funke, pakurumo, pakurumo, ko jo dada
Halima, pakurumo, pakurumo, ko jo dada
Tolani, pakurumo, pakurumo, ko jo dada
Folake, pakurumo, oya pakurumo, ko jo dada

Pana- Tekno

Nigerian songs in which the name,'Folake' was used

Pana, as most of us remember, was one of the most popular songs in 2016. In this song, Tekno Miles also utilised the word “Folake” in its literal sense.

In fact, the song’s lyrics claim that Folake is so pampered that he will do everything for her in order to capture her heart, even driving about in a Porshe, a vehicle that represents enormous power and money.

The lyrics read thus:

‘Folake, gimme love oh
Na you dey catch my shot oh
For your sake I go go church oh
We go drive around for my Porshe oh’

Pere – Davido

Nigerian songs in which the name,'Folake' was used

On Pere, Davido isn’t subtle about his ‘bedmatic’ skills and isn’t afraid to brag about how his lovers including Folake keep returning for more.


If I give you one pere (pere)
You’ll be coming back to me, you’ll be begging for more
And if I give you one pere (pere)
You’ll be coming back to me, you’ll be begging for more
Folake je mefa pere (pere)
Tinuke je merin pere (pere)
Malo ni omi kere
Talo so po mu pere oh

Jeje De Whine- Ckay

CKay –'Boyfriend EP'
CKay – ‘Boyfriend EP’

Another well-known musician from Nigeria, Ckay, used the word Folake in a song to indicate, “taken care with wealth.” In addition, he claims that Folake dislikes suffering and will undoubtedly leave him if he does not live up to the expectations.

Folake don’t leave me, Folake ma lo…
Folake, stay a little longer, I need a little more of your love…
If I waya you, you go wa wa…
If I don’t live up to the hype..’

Finesse- Pheelz X BNXN

Nigerian songs in which the name,'Folake' was used

Finesse, which was launched in 2022, is also known as ‘Folake For The Night O‘. Following the release of the song, also contributed to the name regaining its popularity on social media. In Finesse, Buju and Pheelz used the term “Folake” to refer to a spoiled, privileged girl who, as implied, does not care about poor boys.

Ahh, finesse (Ge ge ti)
If I broke na my business (Ye ye)
Ama shaba e go bright o (Ge ge ti)
Folake for the night o (Ge ge to)
Ahh, finesse (Ge ge ti)ʼ


Folake- Boy Spyce

Boy Spyce – Folake
Boy Spyce – Folake

This is the only song on this list that has “Folake” as its title and it was inspired by the remaining songs on this list.

Boy Spyce prior to the release of the song questioned why artists love using the name and decided to write his own story based on her.

In the song, Boy Spyce plays the role of a man who is in love with a woman who clearly doesn’t want anything to do with someone unable to take care of her needs.

While he is aware of her stance on finances in a relationship and the surrounding gossip on her lifestyle, it doesn’t deter him from falling for her.


Folake don pompous
She don dey drive Brabus so
She no dey talk to us again
She no dey come campus again
Them say she go do runs
And her hippopo don tamus
And her kini dey cause virus ewe
They just dey talk jargons
Cos na she wey dey make my heart beat

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