“There’s nothing for me in SA” – Prince Kaybee Cries Out

  • Prince Kaybee laments, “There’s nothing for him in SA.”

“There’s nothing for me in SA” - Prince Kaybee Cries Out
“There’s nothing for me in SA” – Kaybee Cries Out


Prince Kaybee is disappointed by the response to his songs from South Africans. The musician has concluded that fans have rejected his music after years of consistently releasing songs.

As a fan questioned him about the reason behind his change in style, the Gugulethu hitmaker shared his opinion.

“You’ve completely changed your style do you think it’s a good move though?” the fan questioned.

In reaction, Kaybee claims that there is nothing for him in SA because everyone who once loved him has turned against him.


“In South Africa it’s sad, today they love you tomorrow they hate you. There’s nothing for me here. And I share these thoughts with a heavy heart, you can’t teach South Africans new music, all they want is familiarity and an artist can’t keep making the same music all the time,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Prince Kaybee responds to allegations that he leaked a photo of his eggplant in an effort to promote his album.

The musician has been releasing songs and projects on a regular basis for the past few years, but he has not yet produced a hit or hit.

Kaybee made the decision to continue being consistent even though his music career hasn’t produced the results he wants.

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