3 suspects reportedly arrested for the murder of AKA

  • Three suspects are reportedly in custody regarding AKA’s death.

3 suspects reportedly arrested for the murder of AKA
3 suspects reportedly arrested for the murder of AKA


The murder investigation against AKA is gradually moving forward after weeks of protests from the rapper’s followers where three suspects are reportedly in custody.

According to reports, it was deeply regrettable that police detained three guys after being apprehended in Cape Town.

“They will be brought to Durban where they are expected to be charged,” the publication revealed.

“Western Cape police spokesperson Colonel André Traut, when contacted for comment, referred questions about the arrest to the KwaZulu-Natal police,” According to reports.

Kiernan AKA Forbes was shot and killed in front of the Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban on February 10.

A few days after his passing, the CCTV footage was published on social media, prompting the rapper’s supporters to call for justice.


Meanwhile, Da L.E.S has disagreed with the approach taken to bring AKA’s killer to justice and meanwhile since the rapper was shot and died, the phrase “Justice for AKA has gained popularity, although the South African Police Service has not yet responded.

Several of Kiernan’s “AKA” Forbes’ supporters are upset about the lack of response and criticise the deceased’s friends for being too quiet.

In response to the hashtag’s comments, Da L.E.S advised Twitter users to avoid bringing others along because everyone grieves differently.

“Crazy world we live in. How do y’all really be thinking they took my man’s? What’s the motive? Everyone doesn’t grieve the same. Please leave them alone they have been through a lot. I’m just as angry and also want answers but not in this direction please,” he wrote.

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