A-Reece honours Amapiano artists.

  • A-Reece appreciates the work of Amapiano artists

A-Reece honours Amapiano artists.
A-Reece honours Amapiano artists.


A-Reece shows his love and appreciation for the Amapiano musicians. The rapper has shown himself to be a steadfast Hip Hop musician over the years by continuing to work in the genre despite the emergence of the continuous and consistent genre.

Reece steadfastly carried on rapping when other rappers started doing amapiano.

A-Reece chose to acknowledge Amapiano artists who show their support for him during performances and on social media by posting on his social media page.

“just wanna shout out some of the Amapiano artists that have been showing me, love, at shows and here on the socials. I appreciate it yo. it’s all love,” he wrote.


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A-Reece who recently discussed his response to being compared to several rappers proclaimed himself the best rapper in Africa, and his devoted Slimes following agreed.

A-Reece has been around for a while, and because of his influence, he has been compared to other well-known rappers in SA and elsewhere.


The Paradise hitmaker was asked how he handles his popularity, which comes with a lot of comparisons to numerous rappers, during an interview with DJ Sbu on the Hustler’s Corner podcast.

“You get compared to a lot of rappers all of the time, how do you handle that? Let me say your greatness gets compared to a lot of rappers all the time,” asked Dj Sbu.

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