Simi Reacts to Those Who Mock the Wealth and Age of Others.

  • Singer Simi Addresses Those Who Diss Others With Age, Money

  • Simi Responds to Those Who Make Fun of Others’ Age and Wealth.

Simi Reacts to Those Who Mock the Wealth and Age of Others.
Simi Reacts to Those Who Mock the Wealth and Age of Others.

Nigerian singer, Simi has resorted to Instagram to provide her thoughts on how to properly criticise someone without seeming ridiculous and bringing up age or wealth as point of attack

She claimed that if you take the ageing approach and say, “You are so old,” the person is actually being ridiculous since the only way you can avoid reaching that stage is if you pass away.

“If you really want to diss someone and you go the age route like ‘you’re so old’ you are actually s*illy.

“Only way you’re not getting to that point is if you’re no longer here loool,” she wrote.

She thinks it is degrading to be unable to intelligently and creatively put someone in their place without using such simple insults.

“Also, money. ‘You’re so br*ke is also s*illy’. It’s embarrassing to not be able to creatively and smartly put someone in their place.”


Meanwhile, Simi has responded to a troll who told her not to become involved in politics.

The musician has spoken out frequently over the recently held presidential and gubernatorial elections.

Simi criticised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in one of her most recent tweets, claiming that the money allocated for the 2023 elections could have gone towards repairing hospitals and schools.

She added that instead of holding the election, INEC would have simply pointed fingers at the candidates they wanted to choose.

Simi emphasised that there was apparent election tampering and that no one in authority addressed it.

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