Ntando Duma devotes a lengthy letter to Costa Titch

  • “I feel robbed,” Ntando Duma reacts to Costa Titch’s death
Ntando Duma devotes a lengthy letter to Costa Titch
Ntando Duma devotes a lengthy letter to Costa Titch


Ntando Duma reacts to the passing of Costa Titch her friend and former coworker who passed away. She uploaded pictures from the musician’s memorial service on Instagram after saying her final goodbyes to him.

The actress thanked Costa for his influence, his kindness, and for making the seemingly impossible possible.

“Thank you for being you and thank you for making me a part of your life.”

“It is very rare to find kind-hearted male friends in our industry with genuine intentions like you did. And I appreciate you for that! You were a happy gem with such incredible energy and aura. So dedicated to your craft and so inspiring. I loved you with everything in me,” she adds.

Titch’s passion for people and his helpful nature are described by Duma.

“If you were ever loved by Costa, you know what real love is. If you were ever supported by Costa, know that your sh*t was really good. If you were ever favoured by Costa, you know that you truly were blessed ’cause this guy knew how to love his people.”


“I was blessed to have known you, and now that you’re gone, I want you to know that you’ve broken my heart in so many little pieces but I find peace and comfort in the Bible scripture that says: “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. He protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken. Evil will slay the wicked; the foes of the righteous will be condemned.”

“I feel so robbed of an opportunity to love you fully, to love you the same way you loved each and every one of us but I’m going to be okay knowing that you truly and genuinely loved me when you were still here.”

Ntando claims she would miss him even if she is baffled as to why God had to take him meanwhile, After tripping on stage during a performance, Costa Titch passed away in March.

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