Movement Olami shares motivation with new single ‘Gbowo’ | Listen

Rising singer, Movement Olami has released a new single titled, ‘Gbowo’.

Movement Olami shares motivation with new single'Gbowo' | Listen
Movement Olami shares motivation with new single ‘Gbowo’ | Listen

Afrobeats has yet again introduced another rising superstar, Movement Olami, to the scene with a bumpy tune titled, Gbowo.

Being his fourth dispensation, the new single comes on the heel of his previously released single, ‘Control Me’.

This laid back track represents what he calls the “pay day for every hustler”, exhibiting a calm confidence that is truly magnetic.

Rendered in buttery soft flute inspired synths, trap flavoured afrobeat drums and truly addicting melodies from Movement Olami . His message is simple. “Gbowo means “Collect Money”, nothing is free now in the world of our days, updates and connections don’t come easy, so make sure you Gbowo (Collect Money) for every service you lend.” ‘Gbowo’ is an empowering track to play when you’re feeling your best.

A sneak peek into Movement Olami’s career reveals the lad is a rapper and songwriter who fronts unsigned artist collective DMG MAFIA FAMILY. Olami had been performing with music from a young age but really found his feet when to Lagos after joining the group.

Now with four singles under his belt, his plans for the future are looking bigger and better. His rapidly increasing 1.5K monthly listeners will soon be able to enjoy two upcoming EPs, including ‘BreakThrough EP’ and then the ‘Oshamon EP’, delivered in the space of one month.

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