Divorce proceedings between Berita and Nota Baloyi

  • Berita and Nota are getting divorced

Divorce proceedings between Berita and Nota Baloyi
Divorce proceedings between Berita and Nota Baloyi


After months of separation, Berita and Nota Baloyi are on the verge of divorcing. The singer claimed in an interview with ZiMoja that they haven’t spoken since their divorce in 2022 and that as a result, she is only aware of facts about his life that are reported in the media, such as his 60-day jail sentence.

“I heard he was arrested for 60 days for contempt of court, but I don’t know anything because we do not speak anymore,” she told the publication.

“I know nothing about what is happening in his life. We do not talk, and we have not spoken for a long time. I will not be seeing him any time soon.”

As they were legally married, Berita further confirmed that they were legally divorcing.

“We were officially married. I believed he was the one for me. But it turned out I was wrong, and we are currently in the process of getting a divorce.”


The singer discusses her hopes for herself and Baloyi following the divorce in an interview with the journal.

“I wish to be able to have peace of mind. I also wish the peace of mind for my ex-husband to accept the things he cannot change. He is someone I thought I would be with for the rest of my life, but he does what he wants, and I am not in control of his action. But the best I can do is have peace within myself and continue with life. I thought he was for me, but it unfolded that he was not the one, I can’t beat myself up about it. I can just hope for the best for him.”

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