Rapper CDQ reacts to Asake’s upcoming tune snippet

  • “He can do better than this,” – CDQ criticises Asake for new snippet.

Rapper CDQ reacts to Asake's upcoming tune snippet
Rapper CDQ reacts to Asake’s upcoming tune snippet

On Saturday, March 12, 2023, Nigerian buzzing artist Asake shared a preview of his unreleased single, and the video has since divided opinion, with Rapper CDQ reacting to the snippet.

Asake continued in 2023 with the release of another chart-topping single, “Yoga,” following an unheard-of 2022 run that included chart-topping songs and a record-breaking first album.

He revealed his forthcoming release on social media, and the preview displays a return to his signature Amapiano sound.

This teaser, on the other hand, has mixed fans, with some describing it as dull and repetitive, while others are ecstatic about its attractive familiarity.

Listen to the snippet below:


Rapper CDQ is one of those who voiced their opinion on the new teaser, saying that it is too close to his popular song “Pallazo“.

“Sounds like ‘Pallazo’. He can do better than this though” CDQ commented.

These criticisms wouldn’t surprise Asake because he faced a similar predicament after releasing a remix of “Sungba” with Burna Boy, and because of the similarity in sound, some fans started dubbing him “Sungba man” on Twitter.

In any case, Asake is expected to maintain his supremacy in 2023, and it’s doubtful that the criticism will bother him.

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