AKA and Costa Titch’s Relationship

  • AKA on how Costa Titch helped him out of depression

AKA and Costa Titch's Relationship
AKA and Costa Titch’s Relationship


AKA, a deceased rapper, is seen in a video discussing the influence late dancer and artist Costa Titch had on his depression.

After the tragic deaths of rappers Kiernan Jarryd Forbes and Costa in the span of a month, the South African music industry has suffered severe damage.

Meanwhile, AKA, actual name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, was shot and killed on February 10 in Durban. Costa, whose true name was Constantinos Tsobanoglou, died on March 11 after passing out while performing at the Ultra Music Festival and his cause of death hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The two deceased musicians collaborated on tracks, including one of their top hits, Nkalakatha Remix, which included the late rapper Riky Rick, who died in February 2022 after committing what is believed to be suicide.

AKA discussed the origins of several of their partnerships in an interview from September 2022 on The Episode podcast on YouTube. The Mbuzi rapper admitted to the hosts that Costa Titch’s support got him out of his dark place.


“The stuff [music] with Costa, for me was about Costa pull me out of my house and sasayin ‘come on, man. We need you.’ Although it may not be the best projects, it is very vital into where we are today. Those projects help me get to where I am today, help me get firing again, pull me out of my depression and gey back into where I need to be,” he said in the interview.

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