Don Design creates a memorial for his deceased friend, AKA.

  • Don Design writes tribute to his late friend, AKA

Don Design creates a memorial for his deceased friend, AKA.
Don Design creates a memorial for his deceased friend, AKA.


Don Design finally speaks out after his friend AKA’s passing, Don was one of the select few that was with the rapper in his final moments on the night he was shot and died.

Don Design came to social media to pay respect to his friend after the rapper’s successful memorial and funeral service.

“My heart is shattered and the past couple of days have been nothing short of surreal. I am writing this with great difficulty, trying to put into words what you really meant to me. I would never have imagined that I would be putting together such a message,” he wrote.

“I keep thinking about all the moments we shared and replaying our memories together. I wish I had one last chance to thank you for showing me what the true meaning of brotherhood is. I am indebted to you for believing in me, believing in my dreams and aspirational visions, especially in moments where I lacked such belief.”


Don praised the late star’s accomplishments and mentioned his work ethic.

“To Uncle Tony, Aunty Lynne, Stef, Baby K, Nadia & Zinhle – with heartfelt sympathy, may the Lord heal your hearts and comfort your souls. Let prayer be your ray of hope. Prayer has the power to transform pain and lift your spirits so that you may overcome this moment. I love you.”

“Kiernan, you have left this world without me, but someday, in my heart of hearts, I believe we will meet again and be together again.”


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In addition to that, After retracting his criticism of Don Design, Nota Baloyi went on to praise the DJ. The CCTV footage appeared on social media hours after AKA was killed, and others, including Baloyi, implied that Don knows something about the rapper’ murder.

Despite Forbes‘ request for the public to halt the slander, Don was harassed and assaulted on social media for days.

Without providing an explanation, Nota returned to his Instagram stories and made the choice to remain cordial with Don Design. “We  you Don Design,” he wrote.

He also added that “Don didn’t pull the trigger, Don didn’t order a hit, Don didn’t incite any revenge. Don was with AKA until the bitter end. He doesn’t deserve this shit … Megacy gives the mastermind hell and wishes the solid oaks well. The truth will come to light, the lion sleeps tonight,”. 

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