Brymo applauds Asake for his brand-new song, “Yoga.”

  • Brymo Speaks On Asake’s Latest Song ‘Yoga’

  • Brymo hails Asake over his new single, “Yoga”.

Brymo applauds Asake for his brand-new song, "Yoga."
Brymo applauds Asake for his brand-new song, “Yoga.”

Olawale Ibrahim Ashimi Ọlọfọrọ, better known as Brymo, has weighed in on ‘Yoga’ the latest single by Rave of the moment, Asake.

Asake’s first single for 2023 and his first official release since he released his debut album is the incredibly traditional contemplative song made by his partner in crime, Magic Sticks.

The song has continued to amass more numbers and accomplishments since then, rising to the top of the country’s Apple Music Chart in less than 24 hours of its release.

Brymo, who rarely comments on other people’s works, gushed about how much he enjoys the new single.

Taking to Twitter on February 2, 2023, he stated how much he loves the song and the fact that he is looking forward to what Asake evolves into. He wrote:

Yoga! is perfect.. … S/o to Asake!!.. most Elite Nigerian pop ever sounded. Man has already decided the decade – Can’t wait for who he evolves into..


Meanwhile, Brymo has given an explanation for why he is not overly concerned with cultivating relationships in the industry.

The musician spoke with The Punch about his music, fatherhood, and a recent online debate he had with Nigerians regarding his support for Tinubu in the 2023 presidential elections.

During the interview he was; ‘It doesn’t appear like you have many friends in the Nigerian music industry. Why is it so?’

In response, the singer said that he was not too worried about it because he was not in the business to make friends, but to have an impact.

The singer also said that becoming the greatest musician to have ever lived is his ultimate creative desire.

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