Zakia Kunge releases Afro jam with an appetizing ‘Electricity’ | Listen

 Singer and songwriter, Zakia Kunge, is on a mission to pave a new route in the Afrobeat sector as she unlocks new track, ‘Electricity’.

  • Artiste Name: Zakia Kunge
  • Song Title: Electricity
  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Country: Ghana
  • Year: 2022
Zakia Kunge Electricity
Zakia Kunge Electricity


The brand-new song from Zakia Kunge, ‘Electricity’, is filled with the enthralling energy of a new romance and is certain to set hearts racing.

Zakia’s previous releases were focused in the realm of Afrosoul yet, given her hometown Accra, Ghana is renowned for its iconic Christmas parties & celebrations, she knew it was time to diversify her usual style to fill the West African dance floors with this huge club anthem.

Taking just a mere 15 seconds to find her chorus hook after hearing the instrumental, ‘ELECTRICITY’ had on overtly straightforward & natural songwriting process as described by Zakia – ‘As I listened to this beat, the words sort of just flowed through me and unto the paper and I ended up writing about the effect my lover has on me,’ and the authenticity on this track is tangible. With catchy lines such as, ‘you are my true love, you are the one I want,’ and, ‘when you touch me, it’s like Electricity -this boy touches me and loves me and it feels like ELECTRICITY,’ the song perfectly encapsulates the rush, the butterflies, the excitement of love.

Helping out on backing vocals was friend and talented singer Senario, which brought the song together into its final version.

Accompanying the single is a superb music video in which Zakia flaunts her dancing skills; singing directly into the camera and addressing her love through the lens.

Her profound love for music was also inspired by frequent karaoke performances for family and friends, which built her confidence and gradually developed her unique musical prowess with vocals and melodies that are deeply rooted in the soul of her culturally enriched, Ghanian ancestry.

She debuted her music onto music platforms in 2015 with electronic hit ‘Too Late,’ and, following a short hiatus, returned in 2022 with two smashing singles preceding her December release.

As one of Ghana’s most extraordinary and vibrant acts, Zakia Kunge, with a sound fusing feisty West African pop beats with soulful melodies to create a unique genre, is ready to explode onto the music scene and authenticate herself in the new crop of female artists challenging the masculine-normative nature of Afrobeat.

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