Patrun BCD unlocks single ‘Private Number’ feat. Meeno, Obizee, Elda Mix, Badmos Chief and Ye

British-Nigerian singer, Patrun BCD unlocks new Afro vibe, ‘Private Number’.

Patrun BCD - Private Number
Patrun BCD – Private Number

The release of Patrun BCD’s latest single, “PRIVATE NUMBER,” featuring some of the up-and-coming musicians in the industry, heralds the beginning of a new phase for the Nigerian musician and gives fans a deeper understanding of the country’s creativity and culture.

Born into a society that looked down on entertainers, Patrun reveals this never backed his desire to work in the entertainment sector.

He came to understand that the tribe he springs from, the Hausa tribe, was completely underrepresented in the Afrobeats scene and thus, committed to bridging a gap so that all African tribes can have an impact on the Afrobeats genre.

In relations to this,  he established the “Hausa Afrobeats” subgenre, which can be heard on his upcoming album, “SAUSARRA.”

His new dispensation, however,  appears to the un-entertained ear to be laid-back music with some beautifully alluring voices, but there is much more to it than that.

From the chant-like chorus to the soulful melodies and flows from Meeno, Obizee, and others, this song seamlessly fuses several styles.

The track further serves as the first single off his new album, “SAURARRA,” and it makes us more eager to hear what else this Nigerian musician has in store.

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