Nasty C Explains Why He Refused Sarkodie’s Requests for a Collaboration Twice.

  • Nasty C Reveals Why He Turned Down Sarkodie’s Feature Requests Twice

  • Nasty C discusses the reasons why he repeatedly declined Sarkodie’s requests for a collaboration.

Nasty C Explains Why He Refused Sarkodie's Requests for a Collaboration Twice.
Nasty C Explains Why He Refused Sarkodie’s Requests for a Collaboration Twice.

Nasty C, a well-known stage name for South African heavyweight rapper, musician, and performer David Junior Ngcobo, explained in a recent freestyle why he declined to honour collaboration requests from Sarkodie twice.

The ace rapper, who is supposed to be releasing his new album “the spank daddy” in 2023, explained how and why he turned down an invitation to be featured by one of the best African rappers of all time in a scorching freestyle on Metro FM.

According to Nasty C, he held a grudge after Sarkodie refused to shake his hands when he (Nasty C) was an upcoming artiste.

The Zulu man with some power made it known that he declined the feature requests twice by making flimsy excuses like “he was on album mode.”

Nasty went on to say that he is still a big fan of Sarkodie, and if he gets another request from the iconic rapper, he will give it his best.


The clip, which has gone viral, has caused quite a stir by pointing at Nasty C that he disrespected Sarkodie. However, the young chap made it clear on Instagram that he has no ill will toward Sarkodie and simply wanted to get something off his chest during the freestyle.

No Malice over here u promise you.. I had some shit to get off my chest that’s all. That’s how & why I make albums

Watch the full freestyle below


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