Tems opens up on her dating life

  • Tems finally reveals her Relationship Status

  • Tems shares details about her dating life.

Tems opens up on her dating life
Tems opens up on her dating life

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Temilade Openiyi better known by her Stage name, Tems has opened up about her dating life and why she is not yet in a romantic relationship.

Tems was the latest guest of British GQ where she opened on intimate details of her life before and after fame. One subject she opened up on was her dating life.

The “Try me” singer admitted that she is not involved in a romantic relationship. She emphasised once more that since the release of her debut single, she has not been in a romantic relationship.

According to her, not being in a relationship is bother her choice and other external influences.

“Firstly, I don’t have any romantic relationships. I haven’t had a romantic relationship since I released my first song.” Is that a choice? “Um, yes and no,”


Revealing that this is so, she stated that she doesn’t put herself out there for it to be an option and is currently not open to love due to her focus on more important things.

Yes, in that I don’t put myself out there for it to even be an option. I’m just focused. It doesn’t mean that people don’t hit on me…” the singer said.

Tems described herself as, at her core, a “very romantic person” who is “zero or a hundred” in all aspects of her life.

She also opened up about the type of man who can get her to say yes to a relationship.

“For me to not turn it away, it must be solid. It must be somebody that is completely grounded. And not someone that distracts me, because love is not a distraction. Lust is – attraction is distracting, but love itself is enabling, encouraging. Love is something that fuels you to go harder.”

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