How Olamide Became the Most Powerful Kingmaker in the Music Industry

How Olamide Became the Most Powerful Kingmaker in the Nigerian Music Industry

Rapper and musician Olamide Gbenga Adedeji are from Nigeria, he is among the most well-known and significant African painters.

He keeps both Yoruba and English records. While contracted to Coded Tunes, he released his debut studio album Rapsodi in 2011. Later, he established his own record company, YBNL.

I want to simply describe Olamide’s transformation from a regular person to a deity in the entertainment world.

How Olamide Became the Most Powerful Kingmaker in the Music Industry
How Olamide Became the Most Powerful Kingmaker in the Music Industry

I clearly recall watching Olamide’s debut video, Eni Duro.

That day will never leave my memory. 4:00 in the morning.

I distinctly recall being shocked by how bizarre that video was. Mehn, the man in the video moved between more than 25 different clothing.

Although I had never seen something like it in a video before, something else really stood out to me. that pure power. That guy rapped as though he had no choice but to rap. Like it was his only chance of survival.

I can still hear myself convincing myself that this person is special.

Eni Duro became popular across all radio and television stations two weeks later. You’d think he was my brother from the way I was ecstatic about his accomplishments.

That guy swept Naija in a single year. Olamide would release single after single, and each one became better. Psquare was the only group making hits in Nigeria at the time that I thought was hacked. Olamide arrived and took off.

A few years later, he and Phyno began their most difficult musical collaborations, which would later revolutionize musical collaboration in Naija.

Because it was unusual to hear someone rap in both Yoruba and Igbo at the time, the result was an utter soundgasm.

Olamide had unmatched rap talent, and he still does. But among Olamide’s many positive qualities, one has grown on me over time: his propensity for constantly promoting up-and-coming artists.

It only took one post a few weeks ago for people to discover Olamide was responsible for the success of over 12 major musicians. And it’s strange that this individual has only become famous in the past ten years.

I was having this conversation with a friend, and I told her the only logical reason this guy has been this way is that he sees himself in all of the individuals he has helped.

Every new artist must have made him think of himself ten years ago, and he must have reasoned, since I.D. Cabasa believed in me then, I can believe in this person too.

He, therefore, continues to pay it forward. Thanks to Badoo, we now have a list of celebrities who are gracing our airways.

Badoo has consistently shown his worth. He truly fits the definition of a huge shoe.

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