Portable and the numerous controversies that have fueled his popularity

  • Portable and the many Controversies that have made him trend

  • The Major Controversies Portable has been implicated in

Portable and the numerous controversies that have fueled his popularity
Portable and the numerous controversies that have fueled his popularity

Since bursting into the scene in 2021 with the release of his single ‘Zazu Zeh,’ on which he featured Olamide, controversial songster Habeeb Okikiola, alias Portable, has been in the spotlight for various controversies.

Prior to December 2021, fans knew almost little about Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable.

The 27-year-old musician from Sango Ota stumbled into stardom with the release of his popular song, Zazu Zeh, which over time captivated listeners’ hearts and swiftly became their favourite tune.

Nevertheless, despite receiving a good amount of praise from the entertainment industry, Portable’s brief period of fame had been marred by a number of controversies, including claims of betrayal, sexist remarks, and sexual assaults, among other things that could have threatened the advancement of his career.

He courted his first career controversy within the first month of breaking into the Nigerian music industry.


Here are some of his most popular controversies.

Feud with Poco Lee

Zazoo Crooner, Portable calls out Poco Lee for For hijacking his Song and more
Zazoo Crooner, Portable and Poco Lee

It all began when fame knocked on his door after famed Nigerian musician Olamide featured Portable and popular dancer Poco Lee in the smash song Zazu Zeh.

Shortly after the song gained popularity, Portable called Poco Lee out in a series of social media videos for allegedly taking money that Wizkid, a Nigerian Grammy winner, reportedly gave him during his performance with Olamide at Livespot X Festival.

His anger made it clear that Poco Lee had gone off with the other $2400 while he had only received $600.

Although Poco Lee was yet responded to the statement, Nigerians had expressed a variety of opinions about the video online.

Portable’s outburst did not go down well with his former manager, Kogbagidi, which provoked him to send Portable out from the record label.

Feeling remorseful, Portable later apologised to his promoter. At the same time, other celebrities like Olamide, Slimcase and Yomi Fabiyi also joined him, apologising to music promoter Kogbagidi on behalf of the singer.

Kogbagidi forgave him and Portable also reconciled with Poco Lee.

Alleged Harassment of Kenyan Ladies

Portable departs Kenya a day after apologizing for his'hook up' video
Portable departs Kenya a day after apologizing for his ‘hook up’ video

Portable’s controversial behaviour also followed him to Kenya where he went for a show.

He and his crew came under fire from Kenyan radio host Maureen Imbai, sometimes known as “Black Cinderella,” for reportedly abusing some women in Nairobi.

The girls were apparently asked to spend the night at Portable and his team’s house, but when they declined, the group allegedly harassed them and claimed they had stolen the singer’s valuables.

“Drama in Nairobi. The ladies claim the sexual harassment started in the car they were picked in when he attempted to grope her disrespectfully. She didn’t agree to it and they were threatened. Portable assaulted her physically while in the house,” the post read in parts.

The singer, however, apologised in a post.

Portable sacks manager, DJ and show promoter

The Zah Zuh coroner had abruptly fired all of his staff members, including his manager, DJ, and show promoter.

He claimed that anytime new individuals try to “mingle” with him, they act rudely.

Further, Portable alleged that his crew colleagues were constantly preventing him from expanding his social circle and advancing professionally.

He said he does not want to deal with their attitude any longer and wants to keep his space.

Portable removed from lineup from Canada show

Portable was withdrawn from a show in Canada as one of the guest musicians.

Morris, a Nigerian MC based in Canada, stated that the singer was dropped due of his attitude.

The MC was upset that Portable had fired two managers in less than a year and refused to let the singer appear on his show any longer.

He continued by claiming that he had written to immigration to have his visa request denied.

Ordering Boys to Beat up his friend, DJ Chicken

Portable forgives and welcomes DJ Chicken to Zeh Nation.
Portable and DJ Chicken

Portable and his old friend, DJ Chicken, got social media buzzing for the umpteenth time when a new video of them having an issue just days after the latter joined Zeh Nation.

The Duo had a melancholy encounter with one another in recent months regarding their previous professional connection.

DJ Chicken posted several videos a few weeks back in which he claimed that Portable had deserted him after becoming famous and made fun of the singer for not speaking English properly.

The singer of the successful song “Zazuu” responded by branding his old friend an ingrate and added that the DJ had also betrayed him.

However, weeks after the incident, a video that made the rounds showed the “Ogo Forever” crooner berating the DJ before forgiving him and welcoming him to Zeh Nation.

However, a video of him ordering some boys to beat up DJ Chicken surfaced on the Internet days later.

The singer slammed the DJ for interfering and acting like his manager.

Portable recounted how DJ Chicken demanded money from some show promoters before releasing his contact and he still took him to the said show in Ekiti.

DJ Chicken was seen kneeling and begging the singer in the video as his boys descended on him.

The Nigeria Police Force issued an ultimatum to the singer to report to any police station in Ogun State because the incident happened within their jurisdiction.

His Range Rover gets involved in a fatal accident

In June, The singer’s range Rover SUV was involved in an accident with an okada, leading to the death of the motorcyclist.

However, the singer’s camp quickly stated that though it was indeed the singer’s vehicle, it was one of his aides who drove.

The accident happened on the day Portable’s child was being christened. According to reports, the driver was on top speed when he hit the motorcyclist around the Ado–Odo/Ota Local Government Area of the state.

Threat to Headies nominees

The singer had threatened other artists in May 2022 who were nominated alongside him in two Headies Award categories: “Rookie of the Year” and “Best Street-Hop Artiste.”

The singer had threatened other artists in May 2022 who were nominated alongside him in two Headies Award categories: “Rookie of the Year” and “Best Street-Hop Artiste.”

He had said, “Those are my awards, anybody else who wins, I will ask for them to be killed. If the organisers give my award to someone else, they will die. Do not give my award to another person or they will die.”

However, after the organisers of the award called out the singer and made a police report, Portable quickly apologised for his statement.

In a video posted on his social media pages, the singer said, “Headies has nominated a mad man. The streets have taken over. So, you people should give us our award. Please, don’t be angry. Please, I want my award.”

His video caused Headies to threaten him with disqualification if he didn’t tender an apology which he did.

Portable claims affiliation with One Million Boys

Portable had in a now-deleted video boasted that he formed the One Million Boys and Ajah Boys, crime gangs.

In the short video, Portable who spoke in Yoruba said “Open your ears and hear me, you’ve heard about Ajah Boys, One Million Boys, I’m their founder.”

The Police Force headquarters launched an investigation in response to the video causing him to backtrack his statement. Show Promoter, Sam Larry also cancelled his business relationship with the singer for mentioning his name in the video.


Headies Disqualification

Despite Portable’s apology to them , The Headies finally disqualified the singer to send a message about not accepting irresponsible and vulgar statements.

Headies stated that the disqualification came as a result of his recent misbehaviour on social media.

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