Mr. P reacts as trolls drag him for supporting Peter Obi

  • Mr P Blasts Netizens That Dragged Him For Endorsing Peter Obi As Nigeria’s Next President

  • Mr. P reacts to trolls criticizing him for supporting Peter Obi for the 2023 Presidential race.

Mr. P reacts as trolls drag him for supporting Peter Obi
Mr. P reacts as trolls drag him for supporting Peter Obi

Nigerian singer, Mr. P has reacted to that backlash that stemmed from his support of Peter Obi for the 2023 Presidential Race.

Mr. P had taken to Twitter previously to reveal Peter Obi as his desired choice for the 2023 Presidential elections.

The singer whose real name is Peter Okoye stated that he’s supporting Peter Obi because he’s the most disciplined and principled individual he’s ever known.

He claimed that the former Anambra State Governor is the only individual who can fix Nigeria because he is accountable and honest.

He stated that Peter Obi is accountable and honest and he is the only man who can fix Nigeria.


However, some people seemed to have trouble with his support for the Businessman/politician and took to his comment sections to drag him over it.

The singer in response to the backlash posted a tweet slamming the trolls and asked them to support the candidates they felt were better.

In a response to a troll who claimed that Peter Obi can stop Nigeria from failing, he wrote;

“Yes I repeat! Nigeria is My beloved country! And if you have a problem with that! Respond to me again and get Blocked! No time for Nonsense!. My page my data! Waiting”

In another tweet, he revealed that he would be blocking anybody who insults him over his choice.

“My Page!… My Data… waiting! BLOCKING Button activated!???? #MrNoNonsence”

In another post, he clapped back at trolls who came for him over his declaration.

In his words;

“You get just 4 followers for Twitter and you come here wan insult and drag me for supporting my own candidate! You Dey mad? Go and support your own candidate with your 4 followers! The Blocking Dey sweet me! Make una show face here! I Dey wait!'”

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