Nigerian music videos that are similar to foreign music videos presents Nigerian Music Videos that share the same concept as Foreign videos.

Nigerian music videos that are similar to foreign music videos
Nigerian music videos that are similar to foreign music videos

Foreign songs are the only intellectual properties Nigerian artists sample, even Foreign music videos are not left out. recognises that some videos may not be exact copies of international artist videos but may be inspired by them; therefore, we will tell you which videos may have simply borrowed an idea and which videos have completely jacked the entire concept and simply edited it with a Nigerian artist’s face.


Here are some Nigerian music videos that look similar to foreign music videos.

Phyno (Ghostmode) & Lil Wayne (John)

This one may have been inspired by the theme, but a sequence from Lil Wayne’s John was clearly copied.

The sequence with Rick Ross in a wheelchair is eerily similar to the scene in Phyno’s Ghost mode video with Olamide in a small wheelchair.

Rick Ross and Olamide, who are both in such same scenes, are both featured artists on both tracks, by coincidence (or not).

Ice Prince (VIP) & Slaughterhouse (My Life)

Ice Prince, on the other hand, takes the cake. The video in question is the most extreme example of our subject, as it not only recreates the Slaughterhouse original video scene by scene but also appears to have jacked the footage of the plane sequence entirely.

The initial sequence, in which Crooked I of Slaughterhouse changes an old car into a sleek new whip, is identical to what we see Ice Prince do, and then it moves on to imitate the Press scene, the flight scene, and everything else in the video. It was a brutal cloning procedure.

Phyno (Fuwa Sewa) & Snoop Doggg (Drop It Like Its Hot)

This is an unequivocal and unashamed heist.

There is no purpose of hiding it in this case, as the introduction of Phyno’s video is identical to the opening of Snoop Dogg’s video, which features an image being graffitied on a wall with black spray paint, and the same picture persists in the similar black and white movies till the end.

Just look at the beginnings of both videos. It’s incredible.

Tiwa Savage (Kele Kele) & Rihanna (Rudeboy)

In this situation, we can assume that Rihanna’s video influenced Tiwa’s debut direction.

The tones of the colours used to create the creative paper march look are similar, but there is one element in Rihanna’s video that looks a bit too familiar: the visual effect in which the dancing girl is split into three areas.

In Tiwa’s video, the same technique is done to the dancing male.

Small Doctor (This Year) & Sean Paul (We Be Burning)

Nigerian music videos that are similar to foreign music videos Nigerian music videos that are similar to foreign music videos

This was an obvious rip-off. The desert scenery and the position with Small Doctor in front of the camera and three dancers on the far left side are a carbon copy of Sean Paul’s We Be Burning.

Davido’s Skelewu vs LMFAO party Anthem

After a leak of his first video, Davido dropped another music video for his 2013 hit song, “Skelewu“.

The video which is seen as the official version was released on Monday, October 21, 2013. It was shot in the UK and directed by D.O.P Mr Moe Musa.

However, it wasn’t too long before people noticed the similarities between it and LMFAO‘s 2011′s ‘Party rock anthem‘ video.

Party Rock Anthem” video starts with RedFoo and SkyBlu waking up from a coma in the hospital, hitting the streets to notice the town has been deserted.

Just when they get on the road, someone comes to warn them about a song that has caused a frenzy in the town, then a bunch of crazy dancers get close to them and start dancing, LMFAO later joins the dance.

The above description just about sums up Davido’sSkelewu‘ video too; Davido waking up from a coma, hitting the streets to be warned by a young man

Tiwa Savage’s ‘Eminado vs Tumi Molekane’s ‘Asinamali’

Nigerian music videos that are similar to foreign music videos

Just like Phyno, Tiwa Savage appears twice on this list, this time for “Eminado” music video.

In 2014, Clarence Peters was called out for copying foreign music videos to shoot various Nigerian music videos and of one them was Tiwa’s “Eminado“.

The concept for the Tiwa video was taken from South African rapper, Tumi Molekane’s ‘Asinamali’ video. While Tumi’s video is in black and white, Tiwa’s was in retro-like colour.

Interestingly Clarence is also the director behind Ice Prince’s “VIP” video which is also on our list.


Lyta’s Hold Me Down vs GOT7’s “Just Right”

In 2020, K-pop fans took to social media to decry the uncanny similarities between Lyta’s video for the song “Hold Me Down” And “Just Right” by South Korean K-pop boy band GOT7.

Just like Ice Prince’s “VIP” video”, Lyta’s “Hold Me Down” from the beginning already shares the same concept as GOT7’s video.

Although in Lyta’s case, he gave a shoutout to the group and BTS, another Korean group whose concept he also copied in the description of the video on youtube.

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