Veteran singer, Baba Fryo returns with new single, ‘Dey Ur Dey’. Listen!

Nigerian veteran singer, Baba Fryo has released a new tune titled, ‘Dey Ur Dey‘.

  • Artiste Name: Baba Fryo
  • Song Title: Dey Ur Dey
  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Producer: Chisel Beatz
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Year: 2022
Baba Fryo - Dey Ur Dey
Baba Fryo – Dey Ur Dey

Afrobeats legend, Baba Fryo has returned to the mainstream with a new single titled, ‘Dey Ur Dey‘.

“Baba Fryo – Dey Ur Dey“, His voice has deep baritone intensity, and the song thump with a thunderous bass that makes you want to lose and dance. A remarkable man and musician who holds a special place in the music industry in Nigeria and beyond.

Make no mistake, Baba Fryo is definitely a cut from a different cloth and has created a style in his own way from the Afro and Reggae music. A style he calls “Afro reggae beats”.

This up temple music is highly appreciated in Africa and is a rendition of a well-arranged afro cultural reggae music.

He sings conscious lyrics (reality) in his debut album “Denge Pose” a controversial hit a chartbuster throughout the federation…

Thanks to the first single “Denge pose” which became the first afro reggae song in five years to crack and bust the top 10 on the reggae chart and other musical charts throughout Nigeria and other African countries.

Baba Fryo, promoting afro and reggae music positively, pushing what is just and right hate lie, his reality messages conscious lyrics and melodic rendition, teaches to be high minded to rejoice in life to encourage what is good combat what is bad to stand firm in the face of difficulties and to see the brightness of the future.

This time on the stable of Chisel Beatz Entertainment he comes with “Dey Ur Dey” a song for all, a song to discourage hypocrites and parasites who pretends to love their neighbours but behind them, they have evil intentions.

Listen up!


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