Kenyan legendary artists we are almost forgetting.

It’s true beyond reasonable doubt that around the years 2004 towards the end of 2010 there was an entertainment war in the eastern part of Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) where every artist then released the greatest hits they could.

Kenyan legendary artists we are almost forgetting.
Kenyan legendary artists we are almost forgetting.

Wouldn’t the world just be a better place if those are the only wars we ever had were as entertaining?

Kenya was represented by rappers and other singers from different duos, bands, and radio stations all over east Africa who played their songs. (YouTube view was a thing by then). It wasn’t surprising finding more than half of the ten weekly charts were from +254.

I feel like we are forgetting the impact of these legendary musicians and their music on our lives.

The following are the Kenyan old legends who shook the music internationally but are now not rocking in the industry either due to changes in occupations, crazy ongoing competition in the music industry, or requirements the target and requirement for good music.

Not me though, I’d give anything just to listen to these musical legends sing again.


His parents named him David Mathege; this guy made us sing the ‘lyrics’ from his great love song ‘NASINZIA’. For those who were schooling during those days.


If a boy wrote this in the letters with the lyrics as his dedication, you just know he’s the one. That right there is true love. I don’t know what was with the old school songs, they just never get outdated.

2. JUA CALI (Paul Julius Nunda)

First time I heard his name I used direct translation from Kiswahili and thought it meant “ hot sun”. You thought so too didn’t you? Well turns out it’s not Jua Cali is the short form of means to know about California which is the estate he grew up on the east side of Nairobi.

JUA CALI (Paul Julius Nunda)
JUA CALI (Paul Julius Nunda)

Either way, the hot sun fitted him perfectly on how his music and appearance were both on fire. Growing up in the city it wasn’t as hard for him to become successful.

One of the songs that still puts me to sleep is KWAHERI meaning “goodbye” which he sang with the artist Sana.

In the year 2000 his fame multiplied when he and the music produce Clemo, together with Nonini opened a music studio with the name Calif records.


Hurbert Mbuku Nakitare famous as Nonini is a very handsome humble guy with an impeccable voice.


As an artist and a radio presenter, he was one of the founders of Genge music with his friend Jua Cali (mentioned above).

Hits like KADHAA can never be forgotten by us. Earlier this year, he released a song called LEVELS which is great but it doesn’t hit the same.


This duo comprised of two brothers Christian and Lovy Longomba. Yes, they are related to the Congolese singer Awilo Longomba and ever their grandfather was a member of a Jazz Band called TPOK.

Longombas - Kenyan legendary artists we are almost forgetting.

I guess music just runs in their blood. Songs like VUTA PUMZI and QUEEN are still on my mind.

The brothers suddenly relocated to the us where they practiced their music. Christian Longomba passed on 3rd March this year and Lovy Longomba has changed his name to Lovy Elias. He is now a pastor. I guess even good things such as their music; do come to an end.


This queen was the only artist from Kenya who was in the one 8 projects which involved artists from all over Africa with Robert Kelly with the song “HANDS ACROSS THE WORLD”.


If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what else does. Oh! Wait I do, her phenomenal song BAD BOY Featuring Nyashiski or perhaps MISSING MY BABY.

The song TONIGHT hits all the right places. Her latest song called My God was released in 2018 which made me believe she falling into gospel music but we haven’t heard anything since then. We miss you, Amani!

Why do you think legends are getting forgotten and not as appreciated as they were before?

Is it the current enormous competitive music industry or is it age and change of careers?

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