MP3bullet TBT!!! – Tony Tetuila.

Waddap people! It’s another Thursday and we are bringing this sensational act to your minds and faces today! He was a member of a now defunct group, he dived into politics at a point and was highly criticized for his hair colour. It’s no other person than Nigeria’s one and only Tony Tetuila.

Afro hip hop artist, Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye, better known as Tony Tetuila hails from Kwara State, Oro precisely. He was a member of The Remedies along with Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montana.

Tony Tetuila

Tony Tetuila left the group after few years due to issues arising from ownership and royalties. Soon enough he started his solo career with the great Kennis music.

His solo career was quite successful as he dropped nationwide hits such as my car, fefenefe, e go better and the likes.Tony soared on eagle’s wings at this point of his career. After 2 successful albums the singer seemed to be blown away by the hurricane that swept through the music industry. He simply vanished into thin air.

Year 2014 was the rebirth of this handsome singer. He began to make rounds on the news and other social media platforms not for music tho.. but for politics. Yeah… You read that right. Tony isn’t the only celebrity who tried politics in 2014 tho, Singer 9ice and Nollywood Desmond Elliot also delved into the game. The three were all members of the political party, APC. Desmond Elliot is the only one who won the election among the three of them, as for Tony Tetuila, he stepped down before the primaries.

Tony eventually bowed to his critics during his campaign by ditching his blonde look.

Download songs by Tony Tetuila here:

DOWNLOAD: Tony Tetuila – 2 Women

DOWNLOAD: Tony Tetuila – Omolara

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