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remedies-groupMp3bullet TBT! The REMEDIES – The remedies, an hip hop defunct group was a household name in the Nigerian music industry in the 90’s. At that time, there were very few artistes who could compete with them, considering their novelty and vigour. Today, they are nowhere to be found.

How did this group start off?

Eddy Remedy who was invited, some years ago, to the studios of Raypower FM to come sing some of his songs went with two of his friends, Tony and Eedris. On getting there, they were introduced as ‘‘the group’’ and the threesome sang some songs, all composed by Eddy.

Thereafter, they were asked, “What’s the name of the group?” and Eddy, deemed to be the leader of the group, responded simply,“The remedies”.

Their success story

The group rode into the limelight on the back of Kennis music, the label owned by the Ogungbe brothers and Dayo Adeneye.
Within a short time, Eddy Remedy fell in love with and married Kenny St. Brown Ogungbe. Sadly the marriage did not last.

The Separation

Disappointingly, Eddy’s wedding dissolved at about the same time the group hit the rocks. We are still wondering what had made the group separate. Everyone waited for them to re-unite, but it was never going to happen: they had parted ways for good.

Where is Eddy, Tony and Eeldris?

Eddy ‘Mr. Remedy’ Montana who came out with ‘Anya Bi’ ago’ made everyone think he would keep it up. Sadly he fizzled out. Officially, that is.
Once bubbly and dazzling, Eddy is reportedly not finding things easy anymore. It was gathered that he moved into a one-room apartment in Ogba, Lagos and is regularly seen taking ‘okada’ rides.

Tony Tetuila, on the other hand, was in better stead. He had a lot of singles to his name, and finally, an album. Some of them included: ‘You Don Hit My Car’, ‘It’s Morning Time’, ‘In Love With Two Women (with Ghanaian group VIP)’ and others.

In 2009, he was alleged to have celebrated a decade of his singing career in London. The party was reported to have been a big flop.

He also contested to be a house of rep member under the political party, Labour party, he lost.

Eedris ‘Mr. Lecturer’ Abdulkareem, was also a hit, and commanded respect from a lot of fans for his creativity with ‘Mr. Lecturer’. Other singles included ‘Oko Ashewo’, ‘Nigeria Jaga Jaga (which got him into trouble with Obasanjo)’. Just when he was beginning to gain relevance, he got into trouble with American rapper, 50 Cents and automatically went off the radar. At about the same time, he stormed off Kennis Music, to go “Run his own show” with his own label. It never saw the light of day.

However, did a good job of picking the pieces of his life, as he has returned to Kennis Music as an artiste. He started off with ‘I Money, Money, Money (in which he was featured by Femi, an artiste with Kennis Music and younger brother of Dayo Adeneye)’ and ‘Calabar Love (with Kenny Ogungbe and Vicky, J.)’, but though he has done a good job of “picking the pieces again”, , his act is now considered “old school”, as younger, more dynamic rappers now rule the airwaves.

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