Top 10 classic songs from Music Veterans who are still alive

Top 10 classic songs from Music Veterans who are still alive.

Top 10 classic songs from Music Veterans who are still alive.

Today, will be celebrating Music icons who laid the foundation of the Nigerian Music Industry thrives upon.

These icons gave us music that won’t be forgotten anytime soon, their music might not have been internationally recognized like our current stars but it still doesn’t diminish the efforts they made.

For this list, we would be taking a look at the Music veterans who are still alive and take a look at how their music has impacted us.

They must have released songs between the ’90s and early 2000s and must have several other hits apart from the song chosen for the list.


  • Lagbaja – Konko Below

The masked Musician made the late ’90s and early 2000s a fun one with his catchy hooks and use of talking drums and other traditional instruments.

Konko Below is attributed with being the music that made twerking a normal part of dancing. It’s hard hearing the song and not wanting to bend down low as far as your waist can allow.


  • Onyeka Onwenu – One Love

Actress, Singer, Journalist and Activist, Onyeka Onwenu is a singing nightingale whose voice was soothing and lovely to listen to. She was dubbed the Elegant Stallion.

Onyeka Onwenu released “One Love” in 1986, a song which to date is still a classic. “One Love” would have won a Grammys if Nigeria was allowed into the competition back then.


  • Sunny Ade – Ja Funmi

King Sunny Ade is a Juju singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who became the first Nigerian artist to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

King Sunny Ade released Ja Funmi in 1982. Ja Funmi means “Fight for Me”. The song is regarded as Sunny Ade’s best work and was released as part of his Major Label debut.


  • Daddy Showkey – Somebody call my name

Daddy Showkey is a singer and a dancer who is credited for bringing the Popular “Galala” dance to light.

Daddy Showkey who still wears his dread put the city of Ajegunle, a place attributed to poor living standards and a Ghetto lifestyle on the forefront.

Somebody call my name is Daddy Showkey’s best call which is part of an album of the same name.


  • Sunny Neji – Oruka

Sunny Neji was a singer, songwriter whose hit songs like “Happy Birthday”, “Tolotolo”, “Face me”, “Abosede”, “Mr Fantastic”

However, it was hit love ballad, “Oruka” that can be considered his best work ever. The song was a Nigerian Favourite. It was hard to go to weddings in the early 2000s and not hear the song being played.


  • Tony Tetulia – My Car

Tony Tetuila was formerly a member of the popular music group, Remedies before leaving the group to establish a solo career.

Tony Tetuila’s best song is “My Car”, a song that was considered a diss song at former bandmate Eedris Abdulkareem.


  • African China – No Condition is Permanent

African China is a Nigerian reggae artist who used pidgin to spice his music. His songs were popular in the early 2000s for their catchy tune, chorus, and relatable lyrics.

African China used his songs as a way to condemn corruption, societal ills, and vices. No Condition is Permanent is a song that talks about one’s standard of living and how everyone has their destined time to progress.


  • Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga jaga

Eedris Abdulkareem was a member of The Remedies. Eedris Abdulkareem is an activist who spoke out against corruption in Nigeria with his songs.

His most notable song is “Jaga Jaga”, a song that got then President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo to ban it.

The song talked about the troubling state of Nigeria and how corruption had eaten deep into the system.


  • Paul Play Dairo – Angel

Paul Play Dairo is the son of Late Musician, IK Dairo. Paul Play is a R ‘n’ B singer who broke into the music scene with a remixed version of his father’s hit song, “Mo so tire”.

However, it was his original song, “Angel of my Life” that cemented a spot in people’s hearts. In the song, he sings of a woman whom he sees as his angel. He released a remixed version of the song earlier this year and featured Runtown.


  • Sammie Okposo – Welu Welu

Sammie Okposo is considered a legend in the Gospel Music Industry. He came into the music scene with his hit song, “Welu Welu”.

Welu Welu is a song of thanksgiving to God for Life, protection and blessings. It’s a danceable song that is quite easy to sing.

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