Why M.I Abaga vs Naeto C soundclash is not a battle but a celebration of Icons

M.I Abaga dropped a bombshell when he announced he would be battling Naeto C on Sunday and since then, social media has been on fire.

M.I Abaga and Naeto C

There’s has been various opinions flying around, some of the opinions supporting M.I Abaga to win the battle while others believe Naeto C is capable of matching M.I Abaga in a battle.

However people forget that despite the name given to the battle, this event is actually not a battle but a celebration of icons.

First of all, let me introduce you to the icons that will be giving us premium content on Sunday.

Jude Abaga popularly known by his stage name, M.I Abaga is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, activist, and music producer. M.I Abaga came to the limelight after his song, “Crowd Mentality” became popular.

The rapper was signed to Chocolate City Music and the go on to become the Label’s CEO from 2015 to 2019. The rapper exited the label after thirteen years of being with them and launched his own record label, Incredible Music.

Naeto C whose real name Naetochukwu Chikwe is a record producer and a rapper. Naeto C‘s career started back from the university days where he met Ikechukwu and Uzikwendu and three rappers formed a group called the World Famous Akademy.

Naeto C got signed to Storms record under which he released two albums, “U Know my P” and “Super C reason”. He left the record in 2013 and was signed to Cerious Music where he released two more albums in 2015, “Day 1” and “Festival”.


Numerically speaking, M.I Abaga has more projects to his name than Naeto C who has only four Albums released. M.I Abaga has Four albums, Four Mixtapes and playlistS, two EPs, and one compilation album which brings it to a total of nine projects so far.

However, this does not in any way bring down the value of Naeto C as the rapper has hit songs to his name. Naeto had “Kini Big Deal” in which he featured Ikechukwu, his critically acclaimed “Ten Over Ten” which he released after bagging a master’s degree in Energy Studies from the University of Dundee, Scotland and the rest.

M.I Abaga also has hits that span across the projects he has released. Songs like “Safe”, “Bad Belle”, his controversial “You Rappers should fix up your life”, “Monkey”, “Bullion Van” and his successful album, “MI 2; The Movie” gave the artist the success he enjoys today.


In terms of Awards, M.I Abaga also takes the lead. He has over nineteen awards and over twenty-one award nominations. He is one of the few Nigerian rappers who can boast of that level of success.

Naeto C has about three awards and two nominations for his career.


Impact wise, the two artists have contributed their share to the Rap culture in Nigeria. Rap before the era of M.I Abaga and Naeto C was ruled by artists like Modenine, Ruggedman, Eedris Abdulkareem, and being able to successfully launch their career was no small feat.

M.I Abaga was also responsible for the bringing out of artists like Wizkid, Phyno, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Brymo amongst others.

Naeto C had a stan following, his dressing and mannerism set a trend that Future rappers would later inculcate.


Generally speaking both M.I Abaga and Naeto C have done well. From Awards to setting trends, dominating the rap industry, grooming young rappers, endorsement deals, Awards, the two rappers are icons who deserve to be celebrated.

The soundclash between them is not a battle but a celebration of two icons who came, saw and conquered in an industry that wasn’t as popular as Afrobeats in Nigeria.

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