Drama as DJ Timmy falls out with Yung6ix, reveals reasons.

Dj Timmy has gone on social media to call out Yung6ix out for deceiving him to live an extravagant life and not paying him well when he worked with him.

DJ Timmy and Yung6ix
DJ Timmy and Yung6ix

He revealed that he sometimes gave Yung6ix money but never made money back as Yung6ix’s DJ, that the only benefit he enjoyed was free flight and hotel room whenever they went for shows.

Adding that he doubled as Yung6ix’s hypeman and manager, sometimes also as his security and that Yung6ix hates Yoruba people.

He also threatened to release screenshots of all the money he sent to Yung6ix  and that Yung6ix never supported his music the same way he did for Yung6ix.

He also revealed that Yung6ix forced him to buy a Benz worth eleven million Naira which he didn’t need, the car didn’t last six months and also encouraged him to stay in a three-bedroom flat located in Chevron that cost him 2.5 million Naira.

Yung6ix forced me to buy an N11m Benz (which I obviously didn’t need) and told me I won’t be able to be walking with him if I didn’t get it. Out of N13m I had, I went to buy a hopeless Benz that didn’t last 6 months. He encouraged me to stay in an N2.5m 3 bedroom flat in chevron”

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Yung6ix responded to DJ Timmy‘s allegation against him with a series of posts on his social media accounts.

In one of the posts, he said DJ Timmy is someone who loves attention and would do anything for that attention. Adding that DJ Timmy was the one who tried to fit in with the  KASH KAMP TRICK BILLIONAIRE MUSIQ just like the way he tried to fit in with Davido Worldwide Music label.

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