Open Letter to Cassper Nyovest.

Dear Cassper,

It was over 2 weeks after the release of your ‘refiloe’ album before I got to hear it. I was unable to buy the album because of the local district I found myself in for this last few months of 2015. I haven’t seen the album in this southern part of Nigeria. Thanks to the site that leaked your album, I couldn’t have waited to find where to buy it. Finally, I listened to the album after enjoying my hot-spiced jellof rice only to hear you excrete it from my body before digestion. Yes, I had to smoke it off.


You are the best rapper in Africa 2015 by all awards and ramifications and you are my best rapper too. You have been hitting up since ‘428 to LA’ to ‘Hey There’ down to ‘Travel the World’. Maybe you have been much busy pin-pointing out people in your league than getting jobs all done – the Mourinho style. Through out 2015, African hiphop peaked at your diss with AKA. You did up to 3 quality diss tracks that couldn’t match any of the songs in your ‘refiloe’ album lyrically, mentally or otherwise.

Furthermore, my experience will convince you. After downloading, I was much eager to hear your track with The Game. You sounded much at home than in the studio and The Game didn’t try to impress me. Something technically went wrong. Although disappointed, I didn’t loose it. Then, I went over to ‘Fever’ where you featured African best musician Stonebwoy only to hear you repeat all lines that claimed to be a freestyle earlier at Factory 78.

The total verbatim you adhered to made me feel deceived. Nevertheless, Stonebwoy did a great job as he took the job like a grammy performance. After listening to the song with Tshego that had a lullaby-like chorus, I got ashamed. You then jumped on the beat you freestyle-d on at Tim Westwood’s show and added it to the album. Apart from the songs released before the album like ‘Mama I made it’, the rest of the songs in the album couldn’t get an average mark.

I disagree with anyone that calls ‘refiloe’ an album. It’s more of a road-trip mixtape. Your vocal recruitments were poor except Stonebwoy. I expected features from Sarkodie, K.O, Vector; rappers that could have engaged you more than the slip you married. Bro, I still want to be able to defend you and your hard works. You don’t normally retweet my tweets to you. I have been hoping for the day that happens then probably I would buy my only sister a wedding ring to find a husband with. Jokes apart, I don’t need the retweets anymore; not until you get back what I have lost in you.

I don’t want people to think you are overrated after reading this. The essence of this letter is to let you know that ‘refiloe’ didn’t meet expectations and targets. It can’t be sold for 100 naira in Nigeria. You need to refund everyone that bought that idea.

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