Top 10 Nigerian Rappers in 2018

Top 10 Nigerian Rappers in 2018Rap business in 2018 was unarguably competitive, with the presence of new arts and every rapper trying to prove they are the best. It is in the highlight of this that MP3bullet brings you this breakdown.

On the fierce “Eyan Mayweather” track, Olamide gave the criteria for being called best rapper. He was like, shut down Eko hotel, shut down Malay, shut down London, then come tell me you be best rapper.

That said, you don’t even have to go to Malaysia to be the best rapper. When you know your game well, can write ‘bang bang’ lines with enough punches, and you can actually sell a tape, you’re close to being “best rapper.”

The bad news is, too many people are close, but can’t climb the radar. At the very worst, it’s blamed on the hypocritical behaviours of fans of rap music, in this part of the world. And yeah, although they claim rap music isn’t selling in Nigeria, it’s still the second most popular. Because, you’re either singing or rapping.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the rap game, some guys out here are still kicking it hard, and they really deserve some props. Mp3bullet’s top 10 rappers for 2018, right here (in descending order.)


Blaqbonez is a cool cat, and he’s been consistently trying to make a mark on the industry, over the years. He’s got singles, collaborations with top dawgs, project. And then, after his outstanding reply to M.I’s “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life,” everyone started paying attention to the kid.

Things worked out, and he got signed to Loose Kaynon and A-Q’s imprint, 100 Crowns. He got a spot on M.I’s “Rendezvous” playlist, and eventually got his album produced by M.I himself. The album, “Bad Boy Blaq” dropped in August, as part of the LAMB August project, which also had albums from the Choc City boss, M.I, CBN Vice President, Loose Kaynon and A-Q.

That was his breakthrough. And, you know the rest…


You’re probably wondering why Illy is on this list. Well, he’s always been on lists, because he never seems to go away. Just as we start to think he’s gone, he storms back with a banger.

This year, he came through with a jam, “40ft Container,” which featured Olamide. Later he dropped “It Is God,” which was kinda his own song for the End SARS campaign in 2018. “40ft Container” was a radio hit, and people did pay attention to “It Is God,” too. Illbliss is just unpredictable like that.


2018 was a very good year for the Eastern Swagbag, Chimaobi Zoro. He didn’t only have hits, he crossed over. To the mainstream, of course.

Mbada,” the remix and “Stainless” which had none other but Simi, were big ones from Zoro. And this is probably the first time the guy is getting the attention he deserves.

Have you heard him rap? He’s actually a badass. And one of the few guys who do Igbo rap, on another level.


Even if he has only one song, Alaga would still make the list. Because he’s actually one of the best in terms of rap skill. He’s got charisma, braggadocio, lyrical ability and enough vibrancy to kill every other rapper.

Though, the shaku-shaku “Problem” was his hottest track last year, “Ajigijaga” is why he makes this list. The hip-hop single, produced by Sess quickly made rounds online. Then the MurkReminisce contest came in, and it went viral. Whatever happened, favoured Reminisce.


2016 to 2018, in industry terms, is a long time. Quite a lot of things happened, and one of them was Dremo. In 2016, he was just the guy Davido signed, but now, he’s a hot rapper.

His first body of work, “Codename” EP, dropped early 2018, and he once again proved that he’s got bars. “Nobody,” “Bigger Meat,” “Faya,” enough sauce to go round, mehn!


Phyno’s undoubtedly the Beast of the East. All guys that came after him, pay respect to him. And that’s cause no Igbo rapper can ever stand the ferocity Phyno puts in his delivery. He’s a King, un-matched, un-beaten, infact un-battled.

He dropped “Isi Ego,” around February, and it was probably the only Igbo track that was hot when shaku-shaku was at it’s peak. Then, the classic tune “Fuwa Sewa” came. It actually feels so right to hear Ezege rap.


I know you saw it coming, though. Someone once asked me in public “wetin Olamide dey rap?” I didn’t have to answer. Like, four guys who heard him say that quickly went for him, and bashed him for speaking contemptuously about Olamide. And then one of the guys said “Olamide na best rapper, anytime, any day.”

It’s true. When Baddo decides to rap, he doesn’t disappoint. Forget that he’s street, Olamide can actually rap. And, he’s getting hotter and hotter, every year. Just this year, he’s got more hits than some artists we know. His hit “Science Student” was one of the biggest tracks of 2018. He’s also got “C. Ronaldo,” “Owo Shayo,” “Omo Ologo,” “Motigbana,” “Bugle” and more. With the YBNL Mafia album due out sometimes this weekend, we’re still expecting more fire!


“Best album, three years in a row// Y’all should checkout my CV, bro,” A-Q raps on “Gang Gang.” In the past four years, A-Q has actually been one of the people doing the real hip-hop, and rap.

Last year, he first came with “Shaking Tables,” then “The PVC Story” and then, a whole album, “Crown.” He’s got balls, he’s got bars.


Y’all should give it up for the bahd guy. Falz is one of the best things that has ever happen to the music industry. He did it again, in 2018.

This Is Nigeria,” is something on a whole new level. Actually a cover, it’s his biggest track ever. The video is the most-watched rap video of 2018, on YouTube. And still he wasn’t done. Serving videos to a couple tracks off his “27” album, he took stuffs up again. “Boogie,” “Le Vrai Bahd Guy,” and “Child Of The World.” He collaborated with Reminisce for “Faize Yi,” and eventually dropped the highly controversial hit, “Sweet Boy.”

How is Falz not your best rapper?


Nobody could have thought, ten years after he first got called “best rapper,” he’d still be the best rapper, in not only Nigeria, but Africa.

After his “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life” track in 2017, he came in 2018 with a bang. First, in February, he dropped “Rendezvous” a playlist album that had a lot of guys on it. There was Wandecoal, Cassper, AKA, Falz, Nonso Amadi and more.

Then, in August his reflective “Yxng DxnzL” LP was released. It’s one of the best rap albums, we’ve got in recent years. It’s why people think M.I deserves the year, 2018. Nobody came close to the chairman. He’s G.O.A.T, he’s best rapper, he’s Chairman, he’s Incredible!

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