Simi Might Just Be The Most Intelligent Song Writer In Nigeria.

Most times, you just sit and come to a quick conclusion that Simi’s the best female artist, in the whole of Nigeria. And, then what comes next, is to think of her cool soprano voice, you may even conclude that’s what made her blow. But, then, what about the lyrics?

Simi Might Just Be The Most Intelligent Song Writer In Nigeria

Simi is 30, and she’s been doing music for quite a while. Emerging around 2010, with her “Ogaju” album, that particularly had that “Ara Ile” track that blew across Nigeria. That was just the beginning, by the way. It took her few more years, to perfect the act, and take it to a higher level. “Restless” EP, early 2014 was something, and then she got signed, and singles like “Tiff” started coming. “Tiff” catapulted her to a higher lever, way above other female (even male) newcomers, at the time. But, still it took two years more, to take the “word art” to a greater perfection. That was 2016, with “Jamb Question,” just then she exploded. Somehow, Falz got into the picture, they did a Remix, and they still went to work on a joint EP, “Chemistry.” Adekunle Gold was working on his album (GOLD) then, and he too got into that wide picture of the evolution of a songstress work of art. She had been the only one to feature on Adekunle’s album, on a single “No Forget.

That still wasn’t it. 2017, she then got to another level, when her sophomore “Simisola” hit us. It was all shades of perfection. There was “Smile For Me,” there was “Owanbe” and the much talked about “Joromi.” It was a 5/5 review, you couldn’t just say anything bad about it.

But, while all those happened, one thing is, Simi’s songwriting skills kept advancing. From her choice of words, to her rhymes, and then the story line. For instance, Joromi is a well arranged song, that never lost it’s plot, from A-Z. “Love Don’t Care” has one of the best stories you would ever find in a song. “Owanbe” was supposed to be a groovy high life jam that will keep you dancing, all day, but check it out, and you’ll notice the intelligence in the arrangement of her lyrics.

Even though she had only rendered back up-vocals on Adekunle’s new project, she’s no doubt, will have also rendered some creative songwriting skills on this.

But for the fact that she’s not a rapper, Simi should one day get the “Lyricist On The Roll.”

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  1. pedro nnaemeka says

    she already an intelligent nigeria female musician

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