Prospa Ochimana – Ekwueme ft Osinachi Nwachukwu [Music]

Prospa Ochimana Ekwueme ft Osinachi Nwachukwu

Nigeria’s top sensational christian gospel artist Prospa Ochimana releases a brand new single Ekwueme” featuring another of Nigeria’s worshiper with great depth and impact Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu.

EKWUEME” (meaning the God who says it and does it) delivered in English and Igbo (Eastern Nigerian language) is a pure slow-tempo and power-packed worship piece.

Get ready to launch into the deep, for an encounter, to experience the marvelous works of the ONE who says it and does it. Turn on the volume and turn down worldly pressure through this song. We can’t wait to hear you share your testimonies like others around the world. Be blessed! ~ Prospa


Prospa Ochimana Ekwueme  You are the living God O, Eze no one like you, ekuweme.

Listen, & Enjoy Ekwueme by Propsa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu Below!

  1. Anonymous says

    I love it

  2. My best song... says


  3. Diana says

    I feel God’s presence whenever I hear this song

  4. Anonymous says

    I’m moved to worship God anytime I hear this song no matter where I am.

  5. Anonymous says

    This song touch my soul it make me think about GOD always

  6. chomsky says

    So ethereal

  7. Its has make me to realize how God has been so good to me how God has changed my life,,, iam who iam because of God. says

    Thelma chishimba

  8. Esther Greg says

    This song remains me how far God has done for me indeed my God is EKWUEME!!!

  9. Bright says

    When i hear this song… it comforts me when am in hard sitautions. May God bless you prosper and you more knowledge and wisdom to compose more songs.

  10. Dennis Ireri says

    By worship Our God acknowledges that you truly mean what you say.Prospa may God bless you for listening to him.This is an inspiration.

  11. Anabanye K. Shadrach says

    God is a living God, I like this with my heart and soul, I feel Gods presents anytime I singing this song

  12. Abraham says

    This song touches the soul!!!
    I love it

  13. Is the Lord God Almighty that send this song to comfort me, thank you Jesus says

    Princess Ofonime

  14. Richard lander Asue says

    this song is spiritual, highly spiritual

  15. The song draws us closer to GOD whenever we listen to it.Thank GOD in any situation you find yourself as long as you are living says

    Ezeokoye justina

  16. I love the song,it fills my spirit with the presence of God says

    Esther Samuel

  17. Anonymous says

    praise be to God Almighty…I love the song

  18. Felix says

    Its from the Heaven’s storehouse.It brings me to tears though i dont understand the nigerian dialect.Thank you Lord Jesus for everything

  19. Legendary says

    Please i am a cameroonian i lovethis song but would like to know the meaning id Ekueme.



  21. Shachinyama says

    I feel The presence of God and the touching of the almighty God when ever I listened to this song, very much powerful enough

  22. This song connects my spirit with God anytime i listens to d song says

    Afamefuna oscar

  23. i love this song so much...i feel like worshiping God anytime i hear it...its power packed says

    Den Teson

  24. am awor,michael inyang says

    I like worshipped songs

  25. i love this song like no man's business, may God bless you and grant all your wishes, more love says


  26. Queiku Justice says

    This song is so lovely… Anytime i listen to this song my spirit raises high feeling like am right there in HEAVEN…

  27. Queiku Justice says

    This song is so lovely… Anytime I listen to this song my spirit raises high feeling am right there in HEAVEN…

  28. Anonymous says

    living spirit of GOD.I feel am up dere with him anytime I sing or hear this song.THANK U JESUS.

  29. Enow Baye says

    I feel touched and relieved any time i listen to this song.Ekwueme Lord

  30. Anonymous says

    Okay ooo

  31. Onahi Moses Ede says

    I feel heaven in my whole being any time listening to the song. It is a song I always listen to from the 1st to last of the month without changing. Prospa you are already a blessing to the world. The oil will not go dry.



  33. ibe Jeremiah says

    We Serve a God of Talk and Do… Great Song

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